Eva Blanche Robertson Messick and Family

(1872 – 1932)

Eva Blanche Robertson was born in Wicomico County, Maryland on 28 April 1872, the second daughter of James W. T. Robertson and his first wife, Esther Adeline.

Eva’s first appearance in the census is 1880. Esther has died and JWT has married our great-grandmother, Caroline Lawson Catlin. Esther’s three children, Carrie, Eva, and Alice Talmage are living at home, along with Caroline’s kids, Carlton Edward and Esther Caroline. James WT is listed as a farmer and a merchant.

By 1900 it looks like Eva, age 28, has moved in with her uncle, John Rufus Robertson. John R (aka “Bud Rufo”) is Esther’s brother, and at this time John is married to Sarah E. Lankford. They have 5 children, ranging in age from 14 to 2. Also part of the household is Oscar, John’s brother. Eva is teaching public school, but I bet she helped out with the kids, too.

Eva Blanche married Daniel Walter Messick on 25 November 1909. Daniel is the son of Mahlon S. Messick and Rita A. Downing. In the 1910 census, Daniel is listed as an oysterman and Eva is still teaching.

They married rather late in life, especially given the times; Daniel was 42; Eva was 37. Their first child, Daneva, was born and died in 1911. They did go on to have another child, a son, Myron Daniel, who was born 18 Nov. 1913, according to his gravestone at the Mariners Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery.

The 1920 census lists Daniel as a painter, and Eva is the postmistress. Myron is 6 years old. They own their own house with no mortgage.

In 1930 they are living probably in the same house on Nanticoke Road. Daniel is 62 years old and is a house painter. Eva is 57 and no longer seems to be teaching. Myron is 16.

Eva Blanche passes away on 1 August 1932, age 60. She and her infant daughter, Daneva, are buried in the Robertson Family Cemetery.

Eva’s gravestone in Clara, Maryland

Daniel dies in February 1948, at the age of 80, but we can find no record of him in the 1940 census. His obituary, speaks of a funeral service held in the Nanticoke Methodist Church, and burial in the Robertson Family Cemetery. We have no record or stone marking his burial, and he is not listed in Find-a-Grave at this cemetery, nor at the Wicomico Cemeteries Project page.

Ruby Pauline Robertson and Glenn Grice Mezick

(1885 – 1950) and (1885 – 1957), respectively

Ruby Pauline — Aunt Ruby, our great aunt — was born on 21 November 1885 in Wicomico County, Maryland. She was the second child of James W. T. and Mary Priscilla Robertson (JWT’s 3rd wife). If the 1900 census is accurate, Ruby Pauline grew up in a very full house, with Mom and Dad, 3 half-siblings (Alice, Carlton, and Esther, ages 25 – 20) and 4 siblings (Dula, Chester, Nellie, and Rachel, ages 15 through 7). James WT was a farmer and it must have been all hands on deck when farming and housekeeping duties called.

Aunt Ruby

By the 1910 census, Ruby’s mother, Mary Priscilla has died (1901), and the only children left at home with Ruby and father JWT are Alice, Chester, Nellie, and Rachel. Ruby marries Glenn Grice Mezick on 25 March 1914 at the “house of the bride,” with JWT and both of Glenn’s parents present. (The marriage is recorded in the Trinity Church register.) Glenn is the son of Albert E. and Julia C. Mezick (listed as Messick in the 1900 Census). Guy and Geneva are his siblings. Also living with Glenn’s family in 1900 is Sarah E. Messick, listed as “a sister.” She is 38 years old.

The 1920 Census records Glenn and Ruby as husband and wife. They are both 34 years old. They are living on Quantico Road in Salisbury, and Glenn’s occupation is listed as farmer. By 1930, Glenn is working for the Post Office, as a rural carrier, and Ruby’s dad, James WT is living with them. He is 80 years old. Also living with them is someone named Hannah Collier. She is listed as a border, and is 28 years old. Ruby and Glenn did not have any children.

Uncle Glenn

Glenn and Ruby appear in the 1940 Census and Glenn is still a mail carrier. They have another lodger, Carrie Mezick, who is probably Carrie Roberta, oldest daughter of JWT and his 1st wife, Esther Adeline. Carrie married Luther Fuller Mezick, who died in 1917.

Glenn Grice registered for the draft for both world wars. In 1942 he is described as 6 feet, 165 pounds, with brown eyes, grey hair, and a ruddy complexion. He and Ruby are living in Salisbury, MD and he works for the Post Office in Hebron. He is 57 years old at the time of this registration.

Aunt Ruby

Ruby Pauline passed away on 20 March 1950 in Quantico, MD, at the age of 65.

Glenn, at age 65, gets married again, 5 months later, in August 1950, to Bessie Harris Fields of Quantico. She is 26 years old. We don’t know much about this marriage, but Glenn’s obituary says he is survived by a stepson named Fields, so we assume she was a widow at the time.

Glenn and Bessie are listed in the Salisbury City Directory for 1953 as living at 203 West Philadelphia (Street). Glenn dies on 26 August 1957. His wife, Bessie, reported his cause of death as pneumonia.

Both Ruby Pauline and Glenn Grice are buried at the Robertson Family Cemetery.

The gravestones in Clara, MD