The Evans Family – Neighbors and Friends

The Robertson Family Cemetery was founded in 1876, when Esther Adeline, wife of James W.T. and mother of Carrie Roberta, Eva Blanche, and Alice Talmage, died and was buried in a small plot of land set aside on the family farm.

The next person to be buried there was William Evans, in 1895. We are unclear exactly who this William Evans is. The only part of his gravestone that is readable appears below, and only contains his name. The larger gravestone (which presumably includes dates of birth and death) is overturned at the moment. No matter who he was, William Evans was the first non-family member to be given a place to rest in our family cemetery.

Francis Jerome, born on 14 October 1851 and Lucy (Willing) Evans, born on 6 May 1861 are the father and mother of the Evans Family. It looks like Jerome was born in Salisbury to William F. and Sally Evans, but the family soon moved to Baltimore where William was a tanner and Jerome himself was apprenticed to a blacksmith.

William Evans grave marker

Lucy and the Willing family lived in the Tyaskin District in Wicomico County. Her dad was John Littleton Willing (actually called Littleton, we think), and his wife was Hester. He seems to have had various jobs both on and off a farm. We don’t have a marriage date for Francis Jerome and Lucy, but by the 1880 census they are indeed married, and have moved in with her (Lucy’s) family in Tyaskin. Jerome is listed as an oysterman.

It is this census that clearly demonstrates that the Willings, the Evans couple, and Robertsons were neighbors.

By 1900 the Evans family is large and seemingly growing. Jerome (at 49) and Lucy (at 39) have 5 children – Blanche (18), Charles (15), Walter (13), Florence (9), and Esther (3).

In 1884, tragedy struck the family, as Charles Edward dies at the age of 17. He is the second Evans family member to be buried at the Robertson Cemetery.

Charles Edward Evans grave marker
Aug. 4, 1884
July 19, 1901

In 1910 the Evans family is still in Tyaskin, but Jerome has become a blacksmith. Walter is listed as a laborer at odd jobs. He is 23 and Florence, at 19, is a clerk at a millinery store. Esther is 13. Marion Francis (9 years) and Lucille (7 years) have joined the family.

On 31 January 1918, the son Walter J. passes away at age 31 and becomes the third Evans family member to be buried in the Robertson Family Cemetery.

By now, Jerome seems to own his own blacksmith shop and the children, Florence, Marion Francis, and Lucille are all living at home.

Walter Jerome Evans grave marker
Sept. 8, 1886
Jan 31, 1918

On 16 September 1929, Francis Jerome – the head of the family – dies in Clara, MD. He is also buried at the Robertson Cemetery.

It looks like after that Lucy goes to live with her son, Marion, his wife, Alice and their son Wayne (6 years old) in Salisbury.

Francis Jerome Evans grave marker

Lucy passes away on 24 January 1935. She is buried beside her husband and sons – all at the Robertson Family Cemetery.

Lucy Willing Evans grave marker

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