About the Cemetery

In the 1980s our father, James Edward Robertson, accepted responsibility for the cemetery’s maintenance.  We took over when he died.  “We” are Ed Robertson’s two daughters – Susan Robertson and Mattie Ellen (Robertson) Gustafson.

Since then we (Susan, Mattie, and Mattie’s husband, Harry) have made two trips to the Eastern Shore – to visit our cemetery, to meet and talk with the cemetery caretaker (Robert Raymond Buller), and to do some in-person genealogical research.


The Robertson Cemetery, 2014

The Robertson Cemetery began, as did many rural cemeteries in the late 1800’s, out of necessity. Esther A. Robertson, our great grandfather’s (James Washington Thomas Robertson) first wife died, at the age of 26, giving birth to their third child.  The Robertsons were farmers and lived on a moderate multi-acre farm in Wicomico (then Somerset) County, Maryland.  And so they found a lovely spot – with a slight, natural rise and one tree – and laid Esther to rest.  That sight became the Robertson Family Cemetery.

Cemetery Facts

  • 1 1/2 acres, located in the middle of a 60-acre farm in Clara, MD, off the east side of Clara Rd., about a quarter of a mile south of Capitola Rd, NW of Whitehaven in Tyaskin District.
  • 32 souls buried there. Click on Interees for a complete list.
  • The graveyard is listed on Find a Grave. It is generally one of the better-kept family plots in the area. Find-a-Grave volunteer photographer Laura recently took photos and posted them on the site.

Dad described the Robertson Cemetery as “quiet, restful, and away from sirens, honking horns, and screeching brakes.” It certainly is that, but once there you realize it is so much more.  This small plot of green grass, old and venerable trees and green plants is an oasis of peace and a quiet respectful resting place for the fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, aunts, and uncles buried there.

2 thoughts on “About the Cemetery

  1. Saw your comment on the recent NEHGS survey about cemeteries. What a great thing to have in your family. It does seem so peaceful and reminds me of several of the cemeteries in Oxford Cty ME where my ancestors are buried. One in particular was on the top of one of the Oxford Hills with a stunning view, a great stone wall and several Revolutionary vets buried there. Who can ask for more! Love the research you are doing about each family member.
    Best regards,
    Debbie Lansing
    Bradenton, FL

    • Hi Deborah — Thank you. It’s been a real education about life in Maryland in the 19-20th centuries. Life on the farm was so different from what I’ve known. We mostly want to continue to honor our father.

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